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Booking a Consultation

Books are closed until futher notice

In order to get a consultation you will require a referral letter from your General Practitioner or Specialist and this this will need to be sent by argus (secure messaging system) or faxed to 02 42080486  or emailed to

Please call the rooms a week later to organise an appointment (this will allow time for Dr Porta Cubas to review the referral).

The consultation is associated with a fee, medicare will refund a  part of it.

Initial consultations will be 60-90 minutes and preconception planning consults can take up to 90 minutes.

Please note that a it may  take a few sessions to make a comprehensive assessment of your situation.

A deposit of $100 will be required to book the initial consultation, if no deposit is paid we can not book the appointment.

You can request to be placed on a cancellation list if you need an earlier appointment.

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