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Booking a Consultation

Books are closed until futher notice

## Please note from mid March 2024- Dr Porta Cubas will move practice location to Wollongong Clinic and operate her practice within South Coast Private Hospital- Aurora Health##

In order to get a consultation you will require a referral letter from your General Practitioner or Specialist and this this will need to be sent by argus (secure messaging system)

fax to : 42866894

email to:

The consultation is associated with a fee, medicare will refund a  part of it.

Initial consultations will be 60-90 minutes and preconception planning consults can take up to 90 minutes.

Please note that a it may  take a few sessions to make a comprehensive assessment of your situation.

A deposit of $200 will be required to book the initial consultation, if no deposit is paid we can not book the appointment.

You can request to be placed on a cancellation list if you need an earlier appointment.

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